Monday, July 13, 2009

SnapShot Sagas!

my very own snapshot sagas!!


Somebody found this on the Internet for Poptropica...


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Trashy Day!

Posted By Comic Kid

My day was going so well until I realized that my keys were missing. The last time I remember having them was at lunch, when I threw my leftovers away. I'm afraid they're probably in the big dumpster out back.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Astro Nights In Full Screen!

Play any part of Astro-Knights Island in full-screen!Following up with Motionman95’s trick to play Astro-Knights in full screen last month, Silver Shell has now found all the links to play on Astro-Knights Island in full screen for any of the rooms on the island, even if you haven’t unlocked the area yet! It really works!
Unfortunately, the Poptropica Creators have made it so that each room is a different URL, so to move from room to room, you must change the URL. He has managed to compile all the necessary URLs for AK Island, and also the URLs for some other islands (which will be revealed in future issues of the Poptropican’s 911!). Also, because Silver Shell has helped us all find a way to play Poptropica in a bigger screen, there is a possibility that the Poptropica Creators may release this cool feature to us someday!
To use the cheat codes:
Go to and enter your user name and password
Go to
Close out of

To change rooms:

Click on the address bar in your browser (it should currently say “” (without quotes) if you are at Astro-Knights Island and are viewing it in full screen.
Highlight desc=AstroMain&island=Astro in the URL.
Press the backspace key on your keyboard and delete the text.
Copy the URL text for the area (or room) that you want to go to, and paste it where the desc=AstroMain&island=Astro used to be.
Press enter to go to the link.

Room URLs for Astro-Knights Island:Main Street: desc=AstroMain&island=Astro

Main Street: desc=AstroMain&island=Astro
Mordred’s Museum: desc=Mordred&island=Astro
Secret Sanctum: desc=Order&island=Astro
Planetarium: desc=Planetarium&island=Astro
Crop Circle Inn: desc=Crop&island=Astro
Castle Street: desc=Castle1&island=Astro
Princess’ Chamber: desc=Castle7&island=Astro
Castle Entrance Hall: desc=Castle2&island=Astro
Castle Libary: desc=Castle5&island=Astro
Maid’s Chamber: desc=Castle4&island=Astro
Throne Room: desc=Castle3&island=Astro
Dungeon: desc=Castle6&island=Astro
Mill Street: desc=Mill1&island=Astro
Mordred’s Hideout: desc=Hideout&island=Astro
Inside Ye Olde Rumour Mille: desc=Mill2&island=Astro
Pewter Moon: desc=Astrozone1&island=Astro
AstroZone Store: desc=Astrozone2&island=Astro
Your rocket (on the moon): desc=RocketMoon&island=Astro
Your rocket (Ice Planet): desc=RocketIce&island=Astro
Ice Planet 1: desc=Ice1&island=Astro
Ice Planet 2: desc=Ice2&island=Astro
Tigercopter Battle: desc=Ice3&island=Astro
Your rocket (Jungle Planet): desc=RocketJungle&island=Astro
Jungle Planet : desc=Jungle1&island=Astro
Mother Phoenix Battle: desc=Jungle2&island=Astro
Your Rocket (fire planet): desc=RocketFire&island=Astro
Fire Planet 1: desc=Fire1&island=Astro
Volcano Tunnels: desc=Fire2&island=Astro
Dragotank Battle: desc=Fire3&island=Astro
Crystal Gate (with key): desc=Asteroid&island=Astro
Binary Bard’s Fortress: desc=Cathedral1&island=Astro
Binary Bard/Mordred Battle: desc=Cathedral2&island=Astro

Credit to the Poptropica Help Blog for finding this.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Balloons on Poptropica!

Soon Poptropica will let you have balloons!

Watch This!

Hey, where did you go!

Today Director D posted something very... SPOOKY! Lets take a closer look.

"You can vanish with the all-new "Phantom" power!"

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Comical Eye's Poptropica Blog! Here I will post cheats, videos, glitches, and posts from the creators blog! So stay tuned!

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